It was once said by Fred R Bardard “ A Picture is worth a Thousand words”

Rebecca McNutt however said “A picture is worth a Thousand words but the memories are priceless” 

Yes I have a Camera with a lens but what I see through that lens is you. You are my reason for being a photographer. Ok so you are asking yourself why is she saying that I am the reason for her doing what she does. 

Well when I take a photo yes it records that very moment in time. But what is in that photo? Your in that frame, your experience, your laughter, your smiles, those moments with your family, the happiness. My job is to capture that, to capture you. I believe the end result of your time with me should be photos that will help you look back year after year at your growing children, or past treasured moments and reminisce with much love and contentment.


I strive to Achieve excellence and meeting your expectations with love and care is a part of that excellence. I strive for timeless, genuine, natural images that capture the precious moments that you will share with your family and friends for years to come.

I am often described as warm & friendly, fun loving and genuine – so I’m sure to make anyone feel comfortable, I aim for fun, relaxed sessions that are full of joy and laughter, especially if kids are involved. I bring this to all my sessions, no matter what the occasion. I can’t wait to meet you and record your memories….