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 When I got the first mail from Glenn requesting info for a family shoot, I got down to the end of his mail and my heart jumped into my throat... you see Glenn is a fellow photographer... and as in any industry, doing something for someone who is in the same field as you is always daunting. I was SO nervous leading up to the shoot...which had to be postponed twice because of all the rain... which didn't help my state of mind either... So picture a frazzled photographer, trying to appear calm and collected in the eyes of another photographer and you have pretty much summed me up as Glenn and his family arrived for our shoot. And all that worrying and nervousness... was in vain!!!! Glenn and His lovely wife Mandy and their cool kiddo's were so awesome and full of fun. We had an absolute blast. It was my first time shooting at Horwoods Farm in Edenvale and the results were so awesome and the variety so cool that it has become one of my new favourite places to shoot. The shoot was a huge success, the family were super chuffed with their pics and I managed to keep my cool the whole way through! Lucky for me, I only found out after our shoot that Glenn was also the Features editor for Pix magazine!! Talk about pressure. Back
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